Indestructibles: Phoenix Rising has a demo on many consoles

Indestructibles: Phoenix Rising has a demo on many consoles

Since yesterday (01/28/2021), Immortals: Phoenix Rising, Ubisoft’s action, adventure and puzzle game is now available with demo. This game is free to test and is available on PlayStation, Xbox, PCs, Switch and Google Play, so access is not limited. If you still do not know immortals, check out the demo release trailer below:

Although the reviewer was not impressed with the gameplay of this game, Eurocomer, Indestructibles: Phoenix Rising is a very fun game. But it costs nothing to see what the game will look like with the demo, right? Who knows, you might end up wanting it. After all, the game has some pretty interesting inspirations.

Chopra Immortals: Phoenix Rising

The game has a clear inspiration in Greek mythology, although critics believe the scenes are a little childish to its target audience. Still, the idea that you are playing the half-god Phoenix on an adventure, while Cyclops arrives on Typhoon Golden Island to avenge the gods that drove you out.

The scenes are very close to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but the study element is certainly not the main thing, although the action parts are a strong point.

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