India, China announce joint statement on border dispute

India, China announce joint statement on border dispute

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Ravrov, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, and Indian Foreign Minister Sue Brahmana Am Jai Shankar, Indian Foreign Minister, pose at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Foreign Ministers’ Meeting held in Moscow, Russia on September 10, 2020.

Handout from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia | Anadolu Distributor | Getty images

Singapore – India and China announce joint statement It has called for dialogue and a break to ease tensions between its nuclear-armed rivals over the ongoing border conflict in the Himalayas.

It came after foreign ministers of both countries met at a meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in Moscow on Thursday.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of India, discussions between Subrahmanyam Jaishankar of India and Wang Yi, Chinese Foreign Minister, were “honest” and “constructive”.

“The two foreign ministers agreed that the current situation in the border region does not reach the interests of either side. Therefore, the border forces on both sides must continue dialogue, quickly dismantle, maintain adequate distances, and ease tensions. I agreed.” The statement said. It added that it has agreed to comply with existing agreements and protocols on the Sino-India border issue and avoid measures that could heighten tensions.

“The two sides also agreed to continue dialogue and communication through a special representative mechanism on the Indo-China border issue,” the statement said.

Both armies have been fighting border disputes since May, A fatal crash in June killed 20 Indian soldiers.. China did not disclose whether the troops inflicted casualties. Earlier this week, New Delhi and Beijing accused each other of firing in the air as enemy soldiers fought a new confrontation on the nearby expressionless border.

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Firearms are restricted in border areas. Transfer agreementExperts said they stressed the seriousness of this week’s confrontation.

Trying not to back off either

Eurasia Group, a political risk consulting firm, predicts a 60% probability of a scenario where the deadlock continues with periodic outbreaks and crashes resulting in limited casualties.

“There have been several meetings so far, meetings of special representatives on border issues, meetings of defense ministers and meetings of foreign ministers, and none of these negotiations have been successful in preventing new disputes.” South Asian analyst Akhil Bery and Asia of Eurasia Group Analyst Kelsey Broderick said in a note on Thursday. They explained that, given the current state of bilateral relations, neither would give an inch of area.

Politically Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi Analysts analyzed that they could not retreat because they were criticized for not acknowledging China’s invasion of Indian territory. They added that losing more of India’s territory would damage Modi’s “image as a strong man to protect India.”

Chinese President Xi Jinping “Since the two sides are preparing for a long and steadfast conflict, the signs are facing this border, and the confrontation continues.”

“This is not to say that diplomacy will not continue. Commander-level talks will continue just like diplomatic meetings,” they added.

The Eurasian Group is also expected to reduce the likelihood of successful diplomatic negotiations to 25% and a more serious military conflict at the border by 15%.

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