Injury updates and observations on the last day of the Seahawks training camp

Injury updates and observations on the last day of the Seahawks training camp

1. The Seahawks finished their camp relatively healthy.

The Seahawks, like the rest of the team, suffered minor injuries, but came out of the camp relatively healthy. It’s not a small feat considering there wasn’t a period of direct workouts this year’s offseason. Carroll says achievements testify to the power of Seattle and the work of conditioning and athletic training staff.

“I think the training staff deserves a lot of credit, strength and conditioning staff,” said Carroll, “because this was a peculiar off-season for us, as we’ve never worked out with our teammates,” Carroll said. “The credits have been given to players who have worked so hard, but now we have week 1 ready in a way that we can tweak to our liking. We have a lot of continuity while staying in very healthy and in good shape. That’s what we really needed. It was helpful to us because of all the time we missed at the time, so I am happy with the whole flow of it, and it worked really nicely and positively.”

As for the current injury situation, Carol has tackled Cedric Ogbuehi, which she calls mild muscle tension, but he is expected to return next week. Rookie tight end Stephen Sullivan remains with a hip injury. Carroll noted that Sullivan had a really good start from camp but didn’t reveal the return schedule. Corner Quinton Dunbar was absent from practice because he was away to attend the funeral.

“We want to be patient because we want to get him back,” said Carol. “… NFI at the beginning of the year? That’s a real possibility. He’s not ready to go yet, so we’ll see how it goes.”

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