Innerslot explains the delays in updates between us

Innerslot explains the delays in updates between us

The company in charge among us, the most established game of 2020, now goes public to reveal that it is getting ready for 2021, with improvements to the title and new maps. Innerslot also revealed some of the reasons for the delays in updates.

Gaming Studio shared their descriptions through the official blog, acknowledging that they are very happy with the unexpected success of the game and that it has brought a lot of ancillary concerns to accommodate all players.

Became popular among us in 2020

This is the reason why Innerslot cited a series of delays in implementing news and updates for the game.

The technical team agreed that it was not suddenly ready Boom Dedicated all efforts to strengthen players and infrastructure and servers. All that could accommodate the arrival of a greater number of players last year.

Company organization and sustainability are other priorities for a small studio. Incidentally, a project started by the hand of three friends to keep the game online. Currently has studio 4 collaborators.

News going to us in 2021

First, the new “Airship” map has been confirmed for early 2021. This would be a great map, Trailer And with reports from InnerSlot, many rooms to complete new tasks and with new rooms and new dynamics.

The player can choose the room where the game starts and can go up and down the stairs. The studio emphasizes the free update that brings the new Airship map to all current players among us.

The arrival of consoles is another feature that Innerslot has highlighted. Currently available on the Nintendo Switch, the title will continue to receive upgrades and updates for this site.

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Similarly, Innerslot has announced that its game will be coming to Xbox consoles in 2021, which is already available on the Xbox Campus system. In addition, it comes to the epic sports store Skins And pets are also included.

Finally, InnerSlot promises many new features for 2021 and guarantees more focus Time Updates.

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