Inspired by Hotel O Competo da Rainhaw, the set beats and freaks fans

Inspired by Hotel O Competo da Rainhaw, the set beats and freaks fans

The Queen’s Combo has become the most watched miniseries in Netflix history. With such success, it is easy to understand why a hotel chain in the United States decided to turn one of its rooms into a real (wonderful!) Run for Beth Hormone’s universe and her chess pieces.

Named the Harmon Room, This collection is located in the Lexington section of the 21C Museum Hotel, and also has plot-inspired furniture, retro wallpapers and, of course, a chess board on the ceiling. A full-size, hand-held game is available for the enjoyment of guests.

Other details also attract attention as Bar Vintage And the Lex Liquor Bag, as in the series.

Fans of the show were overjoyed to see the good news and invaded Hotel Social Networks Fame.

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“I had already booked my weekend. I am a big fan of the book [que inspirou a trama], Series and hotel chain 21 c. I can’t wait to play chess in this stunning set, ”said one internet user. Another commented on “perfection”. “Loved it !!! I swallowed the series Decorative And clothes! What a dream room ”, shouted one-third.

The package is available for a limited time rent. Daily rates start at US $ 234, approximately R $ 1,250.

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