Instagram hides comments that can be offensive.

Instagram hides comments that can be offensive.

The company said that the comments to be hidden will be similar to those reported by users in the past. Instagram said it is using its existing artificial intelligence system to identify harassment or harassment language in comments.

Instagram announced on Tuesday that it will test the feature. This day is also the app’s 10th birthday.

Users can still see their comments by tapping on “Show hidden comments”.

Adam Moses Lee, who took the lead of Instagram two years ago, Fight online bullying. Last year, a Facebook-owned company “peg down.” This allows you to “limit” other users. This means that comments on that user’s posts are only visible to that user, not to others. Additionally, we previously added the ability to let people know when a comment could be considered offensive before being posted. The idea is that it gives people the ability to pause and reflect.

Instagram hasn’t elaborated further since introducing comment warnings, but said people who don’t edit or post comments have seen “significant improvements”.

On Tuesday, Instagram said it would add additional warnings to people who posted multiple comments that could be offensive. The notification prompts you to return to the comment. Failure to do so may result in comments being hidden, account being deleted, etc.

Twitter Do a similar test. Earlier this year, we started asking users to rewrite replies to Tweets before posting if they contained potentially harmful language.

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