Instagram Instruction does not promote Dictoc videos – Marketer

Instagram Instruction does not promote Dictoc videos - Marketer

Sometimes, when browsing Instagram stories or reels, dictoc videos appear, meaning they are created on one social network and then shared on another. However, Instagram is not happy with this practice and has already confirmed that its algorithm will not improve the content by the watermark of the competition site.

The Verge reports that this warning is part of a new set of recommendations for creators who have already warned of the fact that recycling is not properly considered on Instagram. Reels in particular targets users, and points out some tips for improving the original content of the social network, which are likely to gain prominence.

For example, Instagram recommends sharing vertical videos with songs and sounds available in the social networking library. Creators can also achieve good results if they create a trend that other users can follow and encourage participation and interaction. These trends should be fun and promote entertainment.

Conversely, reels that often contain text, blurred images, watermarks or logos or any kind of frame are often not recommended.

According to David Narasimhan, a spokesman for Instagram, a study conducted on the platform showed that users are dissatisfied with the content coming from other apps or the image quality is low. As a result, the methodology is modified to take this into account, which means that it is not so easy for individuals who do not follow the creator who published such content to find it.

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