Installing extensions on Firefox on Android will be very easy soon

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Has been in browsers for many years, extensions are improving them and bringing new features. These are usually only available in desktop versions, but there are also those that already have them for Android.

Firefox is one of those browsers at risk of taking steps to bring extensions to Android. It is still low and has little flexibility, but it points the way forward. Soon, everything will be different and it will be easier to install extensions on Firefox from Android.

Android browsers already have extensions

Firefox was one of the first browsers to introduce the concept of extensions. These are additional features installed in the browser that bring you new features or enhance the platform delivery.

Given the strong presence on the internet, it is natural for users to want to have the same features on smartphones. So, the move to bring extensions to the version available for Android is natural.

Easy to do in Firefox

Despite this advancement, the truth is that these extensions are very limited in quality, type and even form of installation. This list is strictly controlled by Mozilla and is related to its installation. Only possible in one location of the browser.

This scene will soon change with the advent of version 85 of Firefox. It should come on the 25th and will now allow you to install extensions from the web. Now only from the site yet, Which now works with purpose.

Mozilla controls the list of available

The list there is very similar to the list found in the browser. Mozilla's idea is to give Android users the same experience that Firefox has today on the desktop. We specifically talk about the possibility of installing extensions from this known location.

This will be the most important change that Mozilla will bring from Android to Firefox. Extensions are still in their infancy in Android browsers, but they will have the same impact on desktop for many years to come. This would be a great improvement, and it would change the use of these browsers on mobile computers.

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