International Monetary Fund (IMF) Director General – Economics says getting out of the disease should reduce inequality in the world

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Director General of BRASÍLIA International Monetary Fund (IMF), Kristalina Georgieva, Tuesday, 26, said the recovery of the world economy was assassinated Covit 19 International Distribution, Will be an opportunity for greater social equality in the world so that, finally, capitalism can be an organization for all. “We know that getting out of the epidemic will reduce inequality in the world,” he said.

For the Bulgarians, governments are the most appropriate people to pay for this change worldwide and create opportunities for income redistribution, but they should not act alone. “Governments need to do the right things, companies need to do the right things,” he said, urging youth and women’s groups, for example.

According to Georgieva, in poorer countries and, according to him, central banks and other financial authorities around the world can work in this direction, especially if they work together. “By doing this in a shared manner, we can say that capitalism is for everyone,” he said.

The comments of the Director of the International Monetary Fund were made during the Committee on “Implementing Partner Capitalism” World Economic Forum (WEF). Due to the epidemic, the organization decided to hold a virtual way event that traditionally unites the world economic and political elite every year in Davos in the Swiss Alps. A live version of the event is expected to take place in Singapore in May.

The discussion was based on the World Economic Forum’s decision to propose a set of global environmental, social and personality (ESG) metrics for companies, regardless of the sector or region in which they operate.

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In addition to Kristalina Georgieva, the forum’s founder and chief executive, Klaus Swap; Gillian Ted, general editor and chairman of the British Financial Times editorial board; Brian Moynihan, President and CEO of Bank of America; Christiaan Freeland, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of Canada; Mark Benioff, Chairman and CEO of Salesforce; And Lawrence Fink S., president and CEO of the BlackRock Investment Fund

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