Investors cd.

Investors cd.

To date some games have been expected Cyberpunk 2077. However, the answer was very important, and new issues are reported every day. The fact that patches to fix them have come out so often is not a lie, and to this day I have never witnessed a game and that is proof that I am not even ready to see daylight. Knowing this situation, now one of the game’s investors would have sued the development studio behind the game.

The case was filed against CD program, The company behind Cyberbank 2077 claims that investors have been misled about the release of the game, resulting in a significant drop in revenue.

CD Project investors sued

The CD project reportedly failed to convey that the game was “practically impossible to play” and instead marketed it as a success with “a few minor flaws” that would not go unnoticed by players. The author, Andrew Trombay, is trying to get other investors involved in this process, turning it into a joint venture.

According to the studio, Cyberbunk 2077 has already sold 13 million units, however, there are a number of bugs in the game, which led Sony and Microsoft to refund those who bought in their stores.

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