Iona Hockey uses 3 deadlines in the final seconds of the Minnesota Golden Copers

Iona Hockey uses 3 deadlines in the final seconds of the Minnesota Golden Copers

Iowa coach Kirk Friends has been accused of ending time at the Games. He will not let that happen Friday night against rival Minnesota.

Fernandez spent all three of his time with Iowa 35-0 and 19 seconds left at the DCF Bank Grounds in Minneapolis. Minnesota, trying to score many of its opening players and avoid a shotout, ended the first time after reaching Iowa’s 4-yard lineup. Iowa began to use it all three times.

Minnesota scored in the next play, from 4-yard pass Tanner Morgan To Consumption Batman, But Iowa won 35-7 to retain the Foyt of Rosadell Cup.

“They called a deadline to see and reconsider what we were doing,” Fernandez said. “So we wanted to make sure we knew exactly what they were doing. There was no point in taking them on the bus with us. [The media] Reminded me twice in the last 22 years.

“It was thought we would take Floyd with us and leave the deadline here.”

Fernandez and Minnesota coach P.J. They did a handshake very quickly following the Flake game.

“They called three deadlines, I don’t know,” Fleck said. “I don’t know what happened.”

The longest streak of hockey in a series that began in 1891 kept Iowa Floyd in contention for the sixth consecutive victory against Minnesota. The hockey’s social media team celebrated the victory by mocking Fleck’s “Row the Boat” goal.

Iowa, who started the season 0-2, have won the last two games 84-14.

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