iOS 14.3 causes some issues with wireless charging

iOS 14.3 causes some issues with wireless charging

According to the most recent information, there seems to be a number of upgraded devices iOS 14.3 There are some issues with Wireless charging. According to the revelations, after the upgrade, a number of third-party wireless chargers stopped working.

The first reports were released on December 14th Apple Launched Official version of iOS 14.3. This update will support Apple Fitness + and Airboats Max, dual SIM iPhone 12 and other important updates, as well as address the inability to charge wirelessly. In addition, it solves the inability to charge the iPhone at maximum power.

The reported problem only affects wireless charging and third-party chargers. Currently, there is no official statement from Apple on this matter, and there is currently no solution to this problem … If this is an issue, it may be more than what Apple has imposed.

Some wireless chargers stop working on the iPhone after installing iOS 14.3

The truth is, a few days after the launch of the iPhone 12, The On the line MagSafe’s charging animation is broken, making it the first choice for a large number of third-party wireless magnetic charging components. Currently, not all third-party wireless magnetic chargers fail due to the iOS 14.3 version update, and this phenomenon is only present in some wireless charging solutions.

For now, we can only wait for information from Apple, but it tells me that it will not be an issue in itself, but rather Apple will impose itself.

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