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Argentina According to Our World In Data, a tracking program linked to Oxford, it had the highest positive rates of COVID-19 tests in the world, with nearly six out of ten reflecting infections, low testing levels, and loose enforcement of closure rules.

Argentina is expected to record 800,000 confirmed cases on Monday, with an average daily number of infections of around 12,500 on 7 days. The country, which began to resist the virus strongly, killed 20,000 people last week.

Medical professionals have seen high positive rates rising due to low levels of testing and loose restrictions, which rose from about 40% in August to just 60% last week, according to Reuters calculations using Health Department data.

“Is there isolation? There is not. Do you have (sufficient) tests? No.” Pediatrician Carlos Kambourian Buenos Aires, Told Reuters.

Compared to this New York The state’s population is 20 million, less than half of Argentina’s 45 million, but it performs 100,000 tests per day. This is four times that of Argentina. In New York State, the positive rate is just over 1%.

The Argentine government has been praised for the strong early closure that began on March 20, but in the two years since then, restrictions have to be relaxed, poverty levels and unemployment have risen to revive an already slumped economy.

Kambourian added that there are very few ways to enhance health services. “Clearly, strategies to prevent this type of pandemic are not being applied.”

A source from the Argentine Ministry of Health said a number of positive tests were the result of a “DetectAr” program focused on contacts known to be infected. The government has pledged to increase the level of testing.

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Argentina has the 8th largest number of Covid-19 cases in the world, and is currently in the top 5 for the 7-day average of new cases and deaths. Latin america It is the most affected area in the world in terms of Covid-19 cases and deaths.

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