Is Android 12 coming? Google is starting to make applications for it

Android Google app atualização preview

Launched in September 2020, Android 11 will be released for many more smartphones. This is of course the default speed of the Google system, largely due to the way manufacturers and newer versions of their devices manage their devices.

As this process is still ongoing there is a novelty very soon. Everything points to the fact that Google is about to launch Android 12, even in the first edition for testing with limitations.

Is the Android 12 update coming?

As has been the case for many years, Google has always been making trial versions of Android. These are used to evaluate the system on smartphones and to diagnose issues before the final version is released.

According to some strong indications, this developer preview version is definitely coming. There is also tremendous evidence in the Android beta concept app update Retrieved now. It has Android 10Q since and allows Google to comment.

Google is updating the essential application in these cases

This application is no longer needed as the Android 11 test is long overdue. So, after receiving this update, it indicates that the new version of Google's system is actually coming to the first tests, at least in pixels.

However, the app does not approach anything new to you, but it is a strong indication. When opened, there is only notice that they must be removed by those who installed it after the tests. Still, the truth is, the update is in the Play Store.

It all starts with the developer preview

This is a normal process, with the advent of the developer preview version for the first experiments. After the release of the new version during the I / O conference, the more stable versions, the betas will come later, should be virtual again this year.

All point to Android 12 coming in a maximum of 3 weeks. Since it's already a habit to be released on Wednesdays, wait until February 10th, 17th or 24th to see if the new version will be released.

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