Is the list yours? OnePlus reveals plans to update Android 11

OnePlus Android 11 atualização Oxygen 11 smartphones

Launched in September, Android 11 has been updated on many brands and devices. As is the norm on Android, this process will take some time to reach all smartphones.

OnePlus has already begun this process and OxygenOS11 is about to be made. There are models that already have this version, and now the brand has revealed plans to launch this new version for additional devices. Find out if your OnePlus will get Android 11.

Android 11 comes with more smartphones

It is known that OnePlus wants to bring Android 11 to the maximum number of smartphones. The brand already includes OxygenOS 11 in this new version of Android, and is making this version for additional devices. It came with the OnePlus 8 and 8D, but it will be extended.

The brand had already produced a version for its previous model, the OnePlus 7 and 7D, but encountered encryption issues. These are being reviewed by Qualcomm and a new version of this brand launch will be available soon.

OnePlus Android 11 Update Oxygen 11 smartphones

There is OxygenOS 11 to produce OnePlus

With regard to this model, the brand has already begun internal tests and hopes that they will prove that the problem has passed. After these closed beta tests, general tests will be restarted to further evaluate their quality. Eventually, the final version of OxygenOS 11 will be released later.

As already revealed, already next week, the brand will bring an innovation to Nord with its latest project. This new model is in open beta but will receive the next update. The final version with data and desired consistency will come later.

OnePlus Android 11 Update Oxygen 11 smartphones

The update will reach multiple devices

As for the OnePlus 6, 6D, Nord 10 5G and 100, they will definitely have access to Android 11 and OxygenOS 11. The information was not released, Which will provide information on updates soon and only point out how it will be carried out.

However, there is one last warning from OnePlus. All smartphones purchased by the operators will have this process postponed. The reason for this delay is the need for them to perform internal tests and check that there are no problems.

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