Isabel II pressured the British government to keep her personal wealth a secret – Observer

Isabel II pressured the British government to keep her personal wealth a secret - Observer

Queen Elizabeth II pressured the British government to pass a bill to hide her “embarrassing” personal wealth from public scrutiny. Defender Had access.

A series of government notes consulted by the British newspaper in the British National Archives reveal that the Queen’s personal lawyer, Matthew Farrer, pressured ministers to amend the proposed law in order to prevent the King’s personal wealth from being disclosed to the public. .

Following this intervention, the government added a section to the law, which authorized the exclusion of heads of state from the new transparency measures. This settlement, laid down during the Edward Heath government in the 1970s, kept the Queen’s private reserves and investments a secret until at least 2011.

The true amount of sovereign wealth has never been revealed, although it is estimated to be in the hundreds of millions of pounds.

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Evidence of this pressure was uncovered during an investigation by The Guardian journalists into the royal family’s use of a “mysterious” parliamentary procedure known as the “Queen’s Consent” to secretly influence the legislature.

This practice implies that the Queen can be consulted before any law is passed by Parliament, and that the Queen must be warned whenever this law affects the personal interests of the Crown.

Royal Family Website Describe The mechanism has been called the “longest-established convention” and, according to The Guardian, many constitutional experts believe it is a harmless tool of the luxury surrounding the monarchy.

But documents found in the British National Archives, which allow the Queen and her lawyers to anticipate legislative proposals coming to Parliament, facilitate the King’s intervention in legislative changes.

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