Isocell GN2 is the new 50MP sensor with Dual Pixel Pro from Samsung

Isocell GN2 is the new 50MP sensor with Dual Pixel Pro from Samsung

A Samsung Today a new photo sensor was announced and I will talk about it Isocell GN2, The new 50MP sensor has a larger 1.4um pixels, and comes with dual pixel Pro, scaled HDR, Smart ISO Pro and many more new features. This is actually the second generation of the Isocell GN1, which debuted last year.

At 1 / 1.12 inches, this sensor can be used Pinning Pixel in low light displays to reflect the performance of large 2.8um pixels and to absorb more light to capture more detail. The sensor also provides an option to capture images at 100MP resolution, and the color pixels are rearranged using a mosaic algorithm.

Samsung announces new Isocell GN2

The first Samsung sensor to feature a dual-pixel Pro was the GN2, which used 100 million phase detection agents for high-speed autofocus speeds. It focuses in all directions because it separates pixels vertically and horizontally. This allows you to focus even in low light.

Another notable feature of the sensor is the Smart ISO Pro, which “utilizes an intra-display dual conversion gain (IDCG) solution that takes high and low ISO scales to instantly create high dynamic range images with low dynamic artifacts.” Isocell GN2 is capable of recording 1080p videos at 480fps and 4K videos at 120fps.

Samsung claims that its new sensor is already in mass production, however there is no indication as to when it will be introduced in consumer smartphones.


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