Israel extradited woman accused of 74 cases of pedophilia to Australia | World

Israel extradited woman accused of 74 cases of pedophilia to Australia |  World

A former university principal who faces 74 charges of sexual abuse of girls was extradited Monday (25) from Israel, her home country, to Australia, where she faces prosecution.

Malka Leifer, the suspect, fled Australia, where she was principal of an ultra-Orthodox Jewish college in 2008, after being denounced by a former student.

According to Israeli media, she moved to live with her family in an Israeli settlement in the northern occupied West Bank.

Leifer denies all charges against her. The case has been in Israeli court since 2014. She filed a report claiming to have a mental illness in her trial. In 2018, she was arrested.

Israel authorized his extradition in mid-December 2020, after the country’s Supreme Court rejected a Leifer’s appeal, and thus ended a six-year legal battle.

“After many years, after an abject attempt to pretend to be mentally ill and, in light of the Supreme Court’s ruling, it is our moral duty to allow her to be prosecuted,” the minister said. of Justice of the time Avi Nissenkorn.

A statement from the Justice Department confirmed the deportation, after Israeli media reported that Leifer, an Israeli, had boarded a plane to Australia.

His extradition comes hours before the suspension of international flights to and from Ben-Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv, as part of new health measures aimed at limiting the spread of coronavirus variants.

The case has caused tension between Israel and Australia, two allied countries.

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