It is already possible to use many Android apps on Windows 10 but not for everyone

Android Windows 10 Microsoft apps smartphone

Microsoft has invested heavily in integrating Android into Windows 10. They want a transparent way to use Google’s system without any restrictions, including applications and all its features.

This integration already exists and can be used by everyone without all the expectations. A new step has been taken in Windows 10, many applications can already be used on this computer. Unfortunately there is one important limitation, which is not yet available to everyone.

Additional connection between Android and Windows 10

Windows 10 user and Android already has a unique tool. You can now distribute with the smartphone and view its entire interface directly on the desktop, accessing notifications, messages and even pictures. Calls are also present and fully integrated.

The next step is to use Android apps on Windows 10, which will completely shut down the smartphone's usage. This goal is already a reality, but only for one application at a time. Important, but still very limited.

Android Windows 10 Microsoft Apps Smartphone

Microsoft has its plans running

Microsoft has already revealed that it will expand this capability to multiple applications simultaneously. He presented this innovation exclusively with Samsung, however he has a long test phase ahead of him, which will improve this capability.

Because it seems to be finally over and everyone can already use many Android apps on Windows 10. It is gradually expanding, always with respect From use Your phone and its exclusive version on Android On the desktop, With the same name.

Android Windows 10 Microsoft Apps Smartphone

Only for a few smartphones

Unfortunately, for now, this feature is only for one manufacturer and a set of smartphones. Samsung and it is still low List of equipment Dedicated to Windows 10 will support this new feature.

It remains to be seen when Microsoft will expand this capability to the remaining Android smartphones. Windows 10 is supported, so it will only be a matter of time before it actually becomes available to everyone, without any restrictions.

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