It is in the Season 1 update for Call of Duty: Wazone •

It is in the Season 1 update for Call of Duty: Wazone •
  • Call of Duty: Wason has received a season 1 update
  • This is how the integration of the Cold War, Warsaw and modern war begins
  • Warson gets 30 weapons, new map and new Gulag experience

Today marks the start of the first season of Call of Duty: The Black Ops Cold War and the parallel of Call of Duty: Warson. On December 8, a detailed update for the Black Ops Cold War was released, and now the free shooter is up to date. The planned cross-title game starts today Networking From the Cold War, Warsaw and modern warfare.

We already gave you some tips on what to expect in the new season yesterday, and today is the time. The Warson-update In the first season it will weigh about 20GB – so this is not a serious space pig, don’t worry.

Warson has been around for a while, so at first glance it seems confusing that the game is starting again with Season 1. But that’s because of the network with the Cold War, which is really starting its first season. To enable collective improvement in games, previous achievements are reset – don’t worry, all the items you’ve already earned will remain the same!

The highlight of the new Warson update is probably the new one Garde Rebirth Island, Designed for 40 people, which was announced in the last few weeks. There are also 16 new challenges that apply to this new location

Also, there are now two new gulaks in Warsaw: Prisoners on Rebirth Island or Verdansk’s well – known map is now roughly one of two sentence camps. One of the two Gulag stadiums may be familiar to some: it is based on the map of Nougatown.

In addition to these new locations, there is also a new game mode called Resurrection, which revives you after 30 seconds. In addition, not only 30 weapons, but all three operators of the Black Ops Cold War are now coming to Warsaw – including the new SuperBad-boy sewing, Song by Vargas and NATO from the Warsaw Pact.

The release of the first season was originally scheduled for December 10, but was postponed until short notice – the mass so-called “biggest free content distribution to date” was not then managed. The fact that Cyberbunk 2077 does not appear at the same time is certainly not a bad thing – it means that the detailed update will not be missed much in the scientific update exaggeration.

With all three Call-of-Duty games now integrated, there is no new content for modern warfare with seasonal updates – however, the 2019 shooter’s upgrades bring you even more into collective battle pass.

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