It may be too late to save the world’s largest lake

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While this is not a sensational topic, it may be a fact and a scare for everything that ended this year. Climate change is still high, so what should result should be a concern.

In fact, researchers say it could be too late to save the world’s largest lake affected by climate change.

The world's largest lake is in danger due to climate change

While this may seem paradoxical, the world’s largest lake could be in danger as average sea levels rise. In fact, even researchers say it may be too late to solve this problem.

As we have been warned, fresh water that was once stored in glaciers is being sent to the oceans. Because they melt at an uncontrolled speed. In addition, heat and subsequent drought have reduced and suppressed some of the world's lakes.

This is the level of the Caspian Sea, which is disappearing at a particularly alarming rate as it is the largest closed body of water in the world. According to a new study published in Communication Earth & Environment, Which may be an irreversible process.

Glaciers are melting

Researchers have warned that water levels could drop by 9 to 18 meters by the end of this century. Of course, climate change has been an issue, if emissions are high. According to researchers, the result could be the evaporation of almost the entire northern Caspian Sea, as well as mitigation of the entire eastern coast.

That is, despite being closed water and theoretically a lake, the Caspian Sea gained its nickname in this way for two reasons. Firstly, due to its size, about 371 square kilometers, and secondly, due to its salinity, about 1.2%.

It’s too late for the Caspian Sea, but it won’t be for others

According to the researchers, this problem of lakes has never been deepened in the context of climate change and scientists themselves have not been sufficiently aware of its effects. This, in addition International Committee on Climate Change The United Nations has failed to address this issue in any sustainable development goals. According to researchers, this neglect could have serious consequences.

The Caspian Sea is home to a wide variety of species, including seals, and once dried, its impact Ecosystem Sure, but precious.

Caspian Marine Ecosystem

From what has been described, even the protected Caspian Sea areas will be neglected and the water will flow to the center of the lake. On the other hand, as the temperature rises and the rivers carry less oxygen, dead zones will emerge, which will affect both shallow and deep water. In fact, a fact already known in some parts of the world.

In addition, geopolitical implications will be mentioned. This is because local economies have directly and indirectly linked fishing and trade to the Caspian Sea.

Unfortunately, this fact does not apply only to the Caspian Sea, because all the lakes in the world are endangered, meaning that they are closed waters that are highly susceptible to overheating.

For the Caspian Sea, reducing emissions is no longer enough because the body of water is already declining by about 6/7 centimeters a year.

So, we are realizing that climate change is really an issue that needs to be dealt with by all of us because we are all making a difference.

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