Italy did everything right to stop the second wave of coronavirus. So what’s wrong?

Italy did everything right to stop the second wave of coronavirus.  So what's wrong?

Rome — Now when you turn on the news in Italy Rebroadcast from March. Pictures of COVID-only units, field hospitals, exhausted medical staff and coffins are again dominating the headlines as Italy catches the second deadly COVID-19 wave. On Wednesday, the number of deaths exceeded 125 for the first time since May, when the country is still in severe blockade and is considered a harbinger of things to come.

What is particularly troubling about the recurrence of COVID in Italy is that Italy has done everything that experts like Dr. Anthony Fauci have advised. Face masks in public places have been mandated for several months, social distancing has been strongly enforced, nightclubs have not been reopened, and sports arenas are less than 1/3 of their capacity. Children who return to school are regularly tested and strictly socially distant, but the second wave seems completely unstoppable.

While excluding another complete blockade, Italian health authorities are instead urging people to limit their movements, but growing concerns have inadvertently encouraged private parties that now seem to be the worst outbreaks. The Italian Ministry of Health released data this week that 80.3% of new infections occur “at home,” while only 4.2% occur in recreational activities and schools.

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