Italy: Hundreds of people brutally beaten and killed at black funeral | Italian news

Italy: Hundreds of people brutally beaten and killed at black funeral |  Italian news

Hundreds of people, including Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, attended the funeral of a young black man who shook the country with brutal beatings.

21-year-old Willy Monteiro Duarte appears to have come to rescue a schoolmate during a Sunday quarrel. It is located in the small town of Colleferro east of Rome, the capital of Italy.

Four suspects have been arrested, including a pair of brothers with police records, but to date, prosecutors have not revealed whether the killing was a racial motive.

Most of the Saturday funeral processions have people in white shirts I walked towards the stadium. Chef Monteiro Duarte- who likes trainees there While his coffin was being practiced, he clapped with respect.

It was a sign of strong solidarity to a young man who worked hard and advocated by those who knew him.

‘Hello Willie’

Conte, who called to express condolences to his family, demanded justice for the murder.

In a statement, he asked rhetorically what it meant that someone could be killed in Italy because he was trying to help a friend.

“Shall I tell our kids to turn their heads? Shouldn’t they intervene to quell a conflict or try to protect a weak friend or friend outright difficult?” Said Conte.

“I don’t think this is the answer or the way forward. Rather, we need to multiply our efforts in all places and situations so that our children can grow into a culture that respects everyone.”

Cole Pero was born in Rome on Monday and declared a day of mourning, just like the nearby town of Paliano, where Duarte, a family from Cape Verde, lived.

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Monte Iro Duarte “was a great man who found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time,” Paliano’s mayor, Domenico Alfieri, said on Facebook.

His photo appeared on the front page of a major Italian newspaper on Monday, with the words “Ciao Willy, murdered for his generosity.”

Independent Lunaria monitors warned last year that racial attacks were on the rise in Italy, which they say is related to Italy’s “hostile political atmosphere”.

Last month, a 25-year-old Senegal man was beaten by two Albanians on a beach in Tuscany in an overt racist attack, ANSA news agency said.

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