Italy: Renzi leaves government and opens crisis declared | The political crisis

Italy: Renzi leaves government and opens crisis declared |  The political crisis

Last minute appeals, last minute plans. Nothing moved Matteo Renzi. The press conference started almost an hour later than expected, but Renzi used what he expected: Italia Viva, the two ministers and secretary of state for her party, has announced her resignation (IV), deletion To the government of Giuseppe Conte A majority in parliament and a deliberate opening of the long-declared crisis in Italy.

“The crisis opened several months ago, IV did not open. We are not playing with companies, democracy is not one. Reality show”Said the former Prime Minister.

Trying to explain to some what is inexplicable – the need to bring down a government An epidemic and such a severe crisis, After the addition of Conte Many of your plans are in the process of utilizing EU recovery funds -, Renzi stressed that his biggest difference with the Prime Minister was “method”, but not content.

“We helped form this government against Matteo Salvini [líder da Liga, ministro do primeiro Governo Conte] To prevent him from having too much power, ”he recalled. “We will not allow anyone to have full powers,” he said of Conte, accusing his party of amassing too much power.

In response to questions from journalists, clues to the future emerged. After saying that Conte was not a politician for the challenges facing Italy, Renzi says he did not “veto names” even though he now thinks “there are others at work”. Another clue, in the form of confirmation: “Not for early elections”. All parties supporting the government (Democrats and 5 stars motion, Except IV) they prefer to avoid because the group on the right is in the lead with Matteo Salvini, leading in all the polls.

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“Resigning requires courage and responsibility, leaving a chair is more difficult than leaving a safe chair State”, Renzi stressed, speaking to accusers of irresponsibility. “It simply came to our notice then. Emergency alone will not keep the government alive, ”he said, adding that“ the unshakable confidence of the president, Sergio Muttarella, is now taking charge of the way out of the crisis.

The current government, known as Conte 2, was formed 17 months ago, In Renzi-sponsored talks (exit from 2018 elections) after the end of the alliance between the M5E and the League.

No one has ruled out following “Count 3” – annoyed by Renzi’s stance, the M5E and BT have already suggested that we will not trust him again to form a majority, but it could happen. In the middle Very close to Silvio Berlusconi There are also movements, a new party will be announced similar to a new parliamentary committee, Renzi was already out of the PD in this assembly when Italy formed the Viva.

Immediately, the reaction is up to Conte. Contacts from the past few weeks have made him believe that risking a vote of confidence in the Senate (from the outset, depending on the IV members) could win him over. A scene that worries about the BJP, the possibilities of failure, triggers a journey to the polls. In principle, the government should remain in office until next week when the basic vote in parliament is scheduled. Renzi confirmed that the IV would approve the measures against the Govt, the mandate of the recovery plan and the revision of the budget with a majority.

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