Its “sweet” inner name emerged

Android 12 Snow Cone

At the time of the introduction of Android 10, Google decided to drop the use of sweet and savory names for different versions of its operating system. However, they continue the tradition locally and have revealed a name that refers to Android 12.

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The discovery was made by a team of XDA developers who have already begun to find several references to the so-called Snow Cone name. These notes were made using the abbreviation “sc” as they did with Android 11, with the inner name being Red Velvet Cake (“rvc”).

This is the type of information that ends up not bringing anything concrete to the users. However, fans of Google’s operating system will continue to want to know these “treasures” of Android.

In the case of the Red Velvet Cake, which reached users like Android 11, Google decided to create a virtual idol, including a recipe for making the cake. This year, the Mountain View giant has so far had no surprises to offer for its fans. But, many are guaranteed to be Easter eggs For users.

Information about Android 12 is not yet definitive, but we already know some information about the new implementations offered in the new version of Google’s operating system.

These processes will be done based on the use of small, bubbles and function Picture-in-picture. Of course, detailed information about this news will come out in the coming weeks.

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Via: XDA Developers

News recently spread that Google might drop Australia after the government announced that it would force the US search engine to compensate the US search engine for sharing its content.

However, Google said this would not happen and threatened to remove its services from the Australian service.

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