Jade Picon is criticized in her new clothing collection

Jade Picon is criticized in her new clothing collection

In the week of the 13th, influencer Jade Picon shared that she had embarked on a trip to the Maldives. However, some netizens did not seem very satisfied with the work the model did on the trip as soon as her collection launched on Wednesday night (17).

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The complaint is said to be because Jade allegedly took photos for the new collection on the trip, to use when it launched, however, those photos would not be of a quality that would appeal to the public and many said the influencer was selling clothes with a design found in any fast fashion store, at exorbitant prices.

Some people have complained on the internet that the clothes, besides being very expensive, can be found on Chinese sites that sell pieces at much cheaper prices and with lower quality fabrics, famous fashion stores. fast. And instead of showcasing the collection differential, in order to prove the value of the garments, the pieces lacked a specification of the fabric that had been used in their production.

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In addition, for Internet users, the photos were not well produced, after all, the influencer had made a trip to the Maldives to take photos for the website of her collection. Previously, Jade Picon had already mentioned Chinese fast fashion stores, accusing one of them of alleged plagiarism with clothes made for her brand.

The young entrepreneur said she was already in contact with the company, also exhibited the photos used by the store which advertised pieces very similar to the ones Jade had created for her brand.

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