James Horton rejects rocket extension; Focus on trading for the Nets

James Horton rejects rocket extension;  Focus on trading for the Nets

Houston Rockets All-NBA Guardian after being turned down to become the first 50 millionth player in league history James Horton He made it clear to the owner that he was focusing on a trade for the Brooklyn Nets, sources told ESPN.

Like Horton’s conversations with the stars of the Nets Kevin Torrent And Kyrie Irving In recent weeks on the West Coast, Rockets has developed a pitch to sign the maximum allowable extension – $ 103 million for two years and the remaining three years, $ 133 million under his current contract.

So far, no progress has been made on that decision due to Horton’s determination to move to Brooklyn. Sources said Houston and Brooklyn have been in contact, but have not yet engaged in any meaningful conversation. Rockets want to recoup the massive assets for Horton and are willing to be patient to find it on the market. So far, there is no indication that the rockets will believe that Nets can provide a package that fits that profile.

Horton has been on contract for many years, so Houston has the ability to slow down the process, make concessions, and try to change Horton’s mind and use that time. Houston’s desire is to work through the issues and keep him going for a long time, but that’s the hard way now.

Horton believes his window to chase the championship in Houston is over, and creating a super team with the Nets reflects his best path to a title, sources said. Sources say Horton could become a free agent in 2022 if he leaves the final year of his contract – and represents two years of play to win a title before deciding on the next stages of his career in Brooklyn.

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It has been described by one source as “his AD moment”, referring to All-Star Anthony Davis Who was forced to leave New Orleans for a chance to win a title with the Los Angeles Lakers.

The rockets sold 31-year-old Horton on the idea of ​​an extension that would help him end his life in Houston, but so far he has rejected that idea.

Houston has long designed its structure – both on and off the court. They’ve got the players he wanted as teammates – including Chris Paul And Russell Westbrook – and is allowed into an informal environment from the ground up to his personality.

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