James Murdoch said he quit his father’s news empire because he justified’disinformation’.

James Murdoch said he quit his father's news empire because he justified'disinformation'.

James Murdoch quit News Corp’s board of directors due to disagreements over how to make a decision. Good news organizations argued that “you shouldn’t sow suspicion to obscure the facts.”

In the interview New York Times, Murdoch expanded a statement earlier this year when he left his father Rupert Murdoch’s company, expressing his discomfort over the toxicity of Fox News and other media outlets owned by the company.

In July, he said he would leave “due to disagreements over certain editorials and other specific strategic decisions posted by the company’s news media.”

Mr. Murdoch said: “I came to the conclusion that you can adore a contest of ideas if you wish. And it’s important that we all do that. But it shouldn’t be a way to hide the agenda.

“The idea contest should not be used to justify false information. And it seems to be used often. And I think the mission of a great news organization should be to distract doubts by introducing facts. It’s not about making doubts or obscuring the facts.”

Murdoch explained that his position on the board became more and more uncomfortable, and that “getting yourself out and making some sort of neat decision isn’t a very difficult decision.”

Murdoch and his older brother Lachlan despised Roger Ailes during Fox News’ administration, but were unable to change the focus and direction of the network after Ailes left in 2016.

Murdoch and his wife Kathryn have expressed dissatisfaction with the Trump administration for the News Corp title in the past and reports of climate change.

Their foundation, Quadrivium, supports voter participation, democracy reform and climate change projects.

that much times In the 2020 election cycle, he donated to Pete Buttigieg and reports that he donated $1.23m (£940,000) to Joe Biden, who is expected to vote next month.

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