January Achieved on January 30 cannot be deleted

January Achieved on January 30 cannot be deleted



Luis Felipe Scolari praises Brazilian team Palmiras’ campaign, coached by Portuguese Abel Ferreira

The Palmeras Club lost both of their games at the World Cup, and even their recent win at the Libertadores Cup freed the team from coach Abel Ferreira from criticism.

Criticisms are unfair in the opinion of Luis Felipe Scolari, who went through the Portuguese team. “” There were two bad games [Tigres e Al-Ahly], But it cannot erase what was achieved by Palmeiras on January 30th. The club have not beaten Libertadores in 21 years. He won in 1999, 21 years after that, “said the Brazil coach.

“These two games cannot be used as examples of a bad or bad campaign. No. The Palmeras campaign was very good and beat Libertadores,” he said in an interview with DNT Sports.

“In games that need to be eliminated, the details make a difference. One mistake, the opponent’s scores and detail he’s missing. I don’t think Palmeiras fans should see that prism. He didn’t do well in Qatar, but he’s the Libertadores champion.

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