Japan Space Agency will send 8K cameras to Mars exploration

Japan Space Agency will send 8K cameras to Mars exploration

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Bureau and broadcaster NHK are working together to develop a space camera capable of shooting at 4K and 8K resolutions to capture Mars, which was previously unseen. Meanwhile, 8K video Incredibly expensive If you want to go back to Earth here and get ridiculous high-resolution footage, it would be nice to get out of this world.

on press release In announcing the collaboration this week, JAXA said that this “Super Hi-Vision Camera” will be filming the Red Planet and its moons Phobos and Deimos during the agency’s planned Martian Moons eX.cheer mission. Once installed on the MMX spacecraft, pictures of Mars are taken regularly and partially transferred to Earth to create a “smooth image” and store the original in a return capsule that returns home.

In addition to filming Mars, the camera will help JAXA and NHK visualize the spacecraft’s behavior on Earth by combining flight data and ultra-high resolution photography. It could also help them get the spacecraft to work, JAXA added.

“On the Mars system 300 million kilometers from Earth, the newly developed Super Hi-Vision camera for MMX’s mission was filmed together by JAXA and NHK, delivering the charm of a new horizon that was previously unobtrusive. We provide it in a vivid and inspiring way to many,” said JAXA.

The MMX will be released in 2024 and will reach Mars by 2025, so it will still take some time to see 8K footage. However, detailed images allow scientists to solve the mystery of Mars’ history and take a closer look at how. microbe and water Withstands the surface of the planet. And, of course, NHK will literally get out of the deal with unique footage that no other broadcaster can follow. now that What we call a win-win situation.

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