Jason Peters is heading left for the 2020 season.

Jason Peters is heading left for the 2020 season.

Doug Pederson greeted an unexpected visitor at the office door Monday morning.

It was the future Hall of Fame left tackle saying he was finally ready to return to his position.

“We can actually share some news on Monday afternoon,” Pederson said. “Jason Peters came to my office this morning and he decided to slip with a left tackle. This is non-selfish and this is who he is. When we talk about men and specifically about Jason Peters, this is who he is. He doesn’t sacrifice his body for the football team. He did an excellent job for us with the right guard.

“Being able to play on the right and work on interiors has been a valuable experience. He came in today looking not only where we are, but where he is and was happy to move to the left tackle. “

This shift to the left tackle is done without a restructured contract. But it may still be going on.

38-year-old Peters was on the right guard at all training camps. The Eagles signed Brandon Brooks to run for the spot after being knocked down with a torn Achilles.

But after Andre Dillard tore the biceps, Peters was curious and kept the guard on the right. Then Peters wanted a salary bump to move from the right guard to the left tackle.

The Eagles ended their training by placing Matt Pryor on the left tackle, and it appeared that Pryor wasn’t ready to play that position. Pederson said Pryor, Nate Herbig or Jack Driscoll would take the right guard.

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“I was really happy when he gave the news,” Pederson said. “I’m not going to join the contract. It’s not my area, but I was excited when I told him he was moving left and sliding left. I couldn’t have been happier than that. I think of our team as well. I just showed a sign of great leadership by him and hugged him and said let’s go.”

Peters signed a one-year contract worth $3 million to play right guard this season. He made $6 million in left tackle last season.

This weekend the Eagles also performed veteran attack tackle Cordy Glenn. Pederson didn’t cover too many details, but said it worked out well. Even with Peters on the left tackle, Eagles don’t have much experience. They have a 53-person roster with 8 offensive linemans, and adding depth might make sense.

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