Jason Tatum in the woods, game-winning 3-pointer to lift the Celtics over the bucks in opening the night thriller

Jason Tatum in the woods, game-winning 3-pointer to lift the Celtics over the bucks in opening the night thriller

Wednesday night season opener Boston Celtics And Milwaukee Bucks It was the final preview of a possible Eastern conference, and if anything comes close to that kind of fit in the playoffs, we will come to a party. Thanks to some athletes Jason Todd, The Celtics escaped with a 122-121 victory in a thriller, which landed in the final ten of a second.

Until the 17th in the second half, the Celtics saw their lead slowly evaporate and were reduced to two as they played less than 10 seconds. They had the ball, however, but there is still a chance – especially with Tottenham in the building. The rising superstar took the Infound Pass, which is MVP. Giannis Antetoga ounpo, And tried to go to work.

Truth be told, he had a little hard time at first, hesitating to go between the legs and to no avail. In the end, he had no choice but to raise step 3, as if it had slipped out of his hands. Luckily for Totem and the Celtics, it grabbed the glass and went straight down the edge, giving the Celtics a lead with 0.4 seconds left.

It was only after a dramatic display at the other end that it became the game winner. Guyanese was tainted as the Bucks tried to throw him a profit in the infound, which sent him to two free throws. He made the first game, but the second came short, which would have tied the game.

The free throw missed in the clutch is what everyone is talking about, for good reason. These are the opportunities you need to change when you sign up for back-to-back MVP and a Supermax extension. But at the same time, Bucks only got one chance in the fourth quarter due to Giannis’ previous work. He scored 18 of his 35 points in the final.

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That was not enough, however, as Todd and the Celtics had big wins to start their season 1-0. Tatum started off a bit slow, but ended the second half with 30 points and seven rebounds. In the meantime, Jaylan Brown Went for 33 points, five rebounds and four assists.

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