Jean-Claude Van Damme saves dog lives after passport dispute.

Jean-Claude Van Damme saves dog lives after passport dispute.

Belgian martial art star Jean Claude Van Damme showed his tender appearance when he jumped into a fight between Norway and Bulgaria to save a three-month-old Chihuahua from euthanasia, one report said.

After being sold to a new owner in Norway, Raya was not allowed to register as she entered the country with a fake Bulgarian passport, Agence France-Presse reported.

Bulgaria rejected Raya’s return, citing European Union regulations on the transport of animals. In other words, the poor dog faced the possibility of falling.

But the so-called “Brussels’ Muscles” put a little twist on social media to take a selfie hugging her chihuahua, according to AFP.

As Van Damme initiated a petition to save the dog, “On my birthday, please let the food safety authorities change the decision.

“They made mistakes by people who didn’t do the paper properly, but they couldn’t kill that little Chihuahua,” he added.

The Bulgarian food safety authorities have received the message and have decided to allow Raya to return, adding that she will undergo a medical examination and be adopted.


Yavor Gechev of the Four Paws animal rights group told AFP that they should celebrate Bulgaria’s renunciation, but called for tighter controls over illegal breeders and animal trafficking.

“Exporting pets from Eastern Europe to Western Europe and Northern Europe is a lucrative business,” he told the store.

Raya’s plight resembles the story of Sofenka, who was sentenced to death while roaming the Bulgaria-Serbian border in 2018.

Penka was saved thanks to international campaigns including previous Beatle. Paul McCartney.

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