Jennifer Lawrence talks about the Republican past, upbringing.

Jennifer Lawrence talks about the Republican past, upbringing.

You didn’t vote for Obama for the first time.
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We will not pretend to shock and distrust the news. Jennifer Lawrence Admitted to being a Republican until Trump took over the party. A talented actor at the level of Jennifer Lawrence should bring out that “surprise”. On the October 21st episode Absolutely not PodcastLawrence told host Heather McMahan, “I raised a Republican. When I first voted, I voted for John McCain. I was a small Republican.” Lawrence says, “When Donald Trump Elected and everything changed.” And she moved away from the party. She also said that the financial benefits could not be consistent with her social beliefs. We knew, J. Law. Here are the facts: J. Law grew up in Kentucky, a dark red state. She is Horse girl. In her prime “Pizza!” Persona, Lawrence, radiated the kind of huge Wine Mom energy that is most often seen among the Women for Trump crowd. She also said she turned Phantom thread Off after 3 minutes, Which suggests a GOP-like contempt for art, beauty, nuances and human experience. It’s great that Lawrence no longer considers himself a Republican and can speak honestly about his past. After all, “Katniss” is a YA form of “Karen”.

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