‘Jeopardy!’ Ka was honored at the first show since the death of host Alex Trebek

'Jeopardy!'  Ka was honored at the first show since the death of host Alex Trebek

“Jeopardy!” The feeling in the first pre-episode of. From the announcement of the death of host Alex Trebeck.

What is tragedy?

“Jeopardy!” Executive Producer Mike Richards delivered a heartfelt special message on Monday to honor the dear guests. Died Sunday at the age of 80 After a War with pancreatic cancer.

“Over the weekend, we lost our beloved host Alex Trebeck,” he said. “This is a huge loss to our staff and team, to his family and to his millions of fans. He loved the show and everything it stands for. In fact, he recorded his final episodes two weeks ago. He has always been an inspiration to the constant desire, compassion and love for his family to learn. Will be. ”

“We’ll air because his final 35 episodes have been filmed. That’s what he wanted,” he wrestled with tears. “Jeopardy!” On behalf of everyone at, thank you for everything, Alex. This is ‘Jeopardy!’ ”

Since 1984, the lights have dimmed on the infamous stage that Trebeck has decorated for nearly four decades.

David Muir, presenter of “ABC World News Tonight”, told Trebeck during his show’s “Jeopardy!” The episode aired.

“We all feel like we lost a friend,” he said in a sober tone. “What a man, what a brave fight.”

Trebeck’s last day in the studio is October 29, but the preliminary episodes will air in December The last time he was featured was for Christmas Day.

“Alex hit the shows until December 25, 2020. He thought they would air in his honor,” the show said. Wrote on Instagram.

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The show has not announced candidates for replacing Trebeck, however Speculation from fans has increased Regarding who will accept the hosting responsibilities for the best rated sports show.

Trebeck stubbornly Insisted on doing his hosting duties Until he could no longer, he vowed to retire only if cancer affected his performance.

He joked about leaving the show during an interview in January This is 30 seconds Farewell to 37 years.

“I will say my goodbyes and I will tell people, ‘Don’t ask me who is going to change me because they did not tell me anything. But if you give them the same love, attention and respect you showed me, they will be successful and the show will continue to be successful,” he said.

“Until we meet again, God will bless you and say goodbye.”

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