Jodine Woods “Shameless” After Tristan Thompson Scandal

Jodine Woods "Shameless" After Tristan Thompson Scandal

About the online backlash and pain from the scandal:

“I couldn’t believe anyone. Everything in my life has changed,” she explained. “To be honest, when people talk to you, that’s a reflection of how they feel inside. You shouldn’t try to say negative things about someone. It’s likely because you’re not happy with something internally.”

“This isn’t new to me because I had to deal with Internet bullying and bullying,” she said. “This was just a much bigger scale. Of course, some days sometimes get sick. Most of the time it doesn’t affect the opinions of others. If you allow, I’m not going to be anyone. I am today. It’s not comfortable not to leave home Will not.”

Gaining faith and strength in her experience:

“In that case and at that moment, I felt like everything was against me, and the only thing I really had to rely on was my faith and my family,” she said. She explained that her father had felt this before. John woods, Died almost 3 years ago. She described her death as “it actually drove me into a darker place,” and said she relied on creating too much distraction in her life.

“I’m still leading this explosion in my life. So it seems to be deeper than what happened one night,” she said. “I have to understand that God said,’Hey, be careful. You haven’t been sitting still for almost three years and your purpose is much greater than you… It doesn’t matter what you’re doing right now. Sit, focus. ‘”

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