Joe Rogan spread dangerous misinformation about the fire. Now he says he’s sorry.

Joe Rogan spread dangerous misinformation about the fire.  Now he says he's sorry.

Logan said in a video he posted on his Instagram on Friday that “we must apologize and withdraw.” “I talked with Douglas Murray in a podcast about people being arrested in fire and I was deceived. That’s wrong. One man was arrested in fire elsewhere and someone sent something about people arrested in fire. Portland. Not investigated. “It was irresponsible.”

Rogan commented on the latest episode of his podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience” starring Murray, the author of “The Madness of Crowds,” and it was released on Thursday.

“The Joe Rogan Experience”, added to Spotify on September 1st and expected to be exclusive later this year, is one of the most popular podcasts in the United States. Comedian Rogan, who built the brand through interviews with controversial guests, said #1 on Forbes’ list of the best earning podcasters for 2020.

“There’s a madness going on,” Logan said in an episode on Thursday. “You want to talk about the madness of the crowd. It gives an example right now. They arrested people for making wildfires there. They arrested the leftists for making this wildfire. You know, you know, Air estimates, activists, and this is also a widely unreported issue.”

CNN’s Brianna Keilar said In the CNN newsroom on Friday, the topic is not widely reported because it is “not true.”

“What has been reported is that there are local and state officials across the region refuting these conspiracy theories,” she added.

CNN state correspondent Miguel Marquez told Keilar that the local sheriff and the FBI have investigated and “begging people to stop disseminating false information.”

In fact, on September 11, the FBI Issue a statement “I have investigated several of these reports and found it to be untrue.”

In Friday’s Instagram video, Rogan apologized to a listener he may have misled.

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“I’m sorry if I cheated on you,” said Logan. “There’s nothing I can do right now. It’s out there, but it’s definitely a mistake. Sorry. I’ll definitely take this into account when I’m going to say something in the future. I feel irresponsible for me. Take it lightly. I’m very upset with myself and I apologize to you, too, sorry.”

This is far from the first that Rogan caused controversy. Spotify CEO Daniel Ek addressed employee concerns over Rogan’s remarks about transgender people on Wednesday. Motherboard look.

A Spotify spokesperson told Motherboard, “All content on Spotify follows our long-standing content guidelines. Our diverse team of experts reviewed the content in question and determined that it does not meet the criteria to be removed from our platform.” Said on the board.

May, Rogan signature Multi-year exclusive license agreement Spotify (Seat) I am trying to expand beyond music streaming services. Rogan’s podcast was added to Spotify’s service on September 1st, but the platform did not include previous episodes with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones or far-right commentator Gavin McInnes.
Rogan after the deal is announced said In the Instagram post, Spotify says “You don’t have creative control over the show.”

Spotify declined to comment on the recent incident.

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