John Mulani was interrogated by the Secret Service for an SNL joke

John Mulani was interrogated by the Secret Service for an SNL joke

“Do I have a file? Of course. I just enjoyed it? Not so much.”

John Mulani had a year: he hosted Live Saturday night Twice, nominated for two Emmy Awards, his show this weekend Big mouth Earnings for Season 4 on Netflix.

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He called it a (Temporary?) Writer / Reporter Night with Seth Mayers.

And, like the rest, he is going through the hellfire of 2020, starring Govt-19 and the US presidential election.

If that turns out, some of John’s political jokes got him into a situation with the same secret service Revealed During an interview with Jimmy Kimmel.

During his start Monologue In the February 29 episode SNL, He joked about the Leap Year with some political influence.


The lawyers made a mistake, it seems.

As he explained to Jimmy Kimmel, the joke did not mention any politician by name, but it did not prevent the secret service from asking some questions.


“They interrogated me. I think they opened a file on me because of the joke.”

“Do I have a file? Of course. I just enjoyed it? Not so much.”

John made it clear that the person who tested him understood that the joke “had nothing to do with Donald Trump.”


To be complete, the agent asked him if he had published any “Rands” or “Manifestos” of the President, about which John asked, “I have a bad writing habit, I can never pull out a statement.”

Of course, John was not in any trouble.


NGL, If I am questioned by the Secret Service for telling a joke, I will never tell another for the rest of my life.

He also had the opportunity to address one of his jokes Most recent SNL Got a bit of monologue on October 31st Regression This, according to John, is highly deserving.

According to John, whoever wins the election, some things will never change, but the outcome of the election is not a bar, he’s quick to say it’s not how he really feels.


“I said, ‘I want one to win the other. If one wins there will be improvements.’ I deserve a setback, “he told Jimmy. “Three days before an election, it’s a weird thing to throw out in front of a lot of people, ‘Look, it’s okay who wins.’

Fortunately, John was able to clarify what he said, and we all learned a valuable lesson: jokes are serious things.


It’s all fun and games until the secret service opens a file for you.

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