Jon Gruden from Derek Carr: This guy is a great quarterback.

Jon Gruden from Derek Carr: This guy is a great quarterback.

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Pirate quarterback Derek Car Before the season started, he said, “I’m tired of conversations” and “I want to go out and play soccer and not mind anything else.”

For two weeks under his belt, it seems like the right approach to the season. Carr did a good job against the Panthers on Monday night with a 34-24 win against the Saints, hitting 28 out of 38 matches at 282 yards and three touchdowns.

Carr is his Be indifferent to words After the game, coach John Gruden was willing to spare a few words. Gruden has had to play with a variety of receivers as Carr has changed his offensive line over the past two years, and he still has a big number in 2019, praising his play so far this season.

“This man Great quarterback“Gruden said. “We surround him with better players. And once our defense starts to reach their full potential, he can get better. He doesn’t use the ball and does so much behind the scenes without the ball, so I think Raiders fans should be really proud of him.

The Raiders will try a 3-0 start in New England next weekend and hitting that goal will lead to a chatter about the car that even a quarterback won’t mind.

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