Jono Palhinha and the Yellow Case: this Hope this soap opera ends »- Sports

Jono Palhinha and the Yellow Case: this Hope this soap opera ends »- Sports

Medium says he hasn’t thought about it, but admits he wants to see it resolved quickly

Jono Palhinha commented on the fifth yellow case he has seen against Bovista and hopes the situation will be resolved soon.

“I focus on my work and what I have to do on the field. I hope this novel ends. A lot of talk has come in. I want it to end. I’m always focused on what needs to be done and I’m not worried about it,” Sport said after Sport’s victory over Portimonos. To TV (2-0). It should be noted that the Refereeing Court (DAT) for the game has not yet decided – to do so next week – about the card-related resource that the player saw in front of the chess pieces. The disciplinary board ordered the punishment of a game, but the Lions appealed to TAD and put a precautionary measure on TCAS and suspended the permit.

Game Analysis

“It’s a fair win. We could have scored more goals, the terrain did not help, it rained a lot. This year we have been taking courses like this, but we have given everything, we have been able to win tournaments. There are secret lies in the attitude and integration of this team. We need another approach on our part to play, but we are doing better and managing to overcome the difficulties, “he said.


“There are three more points as there were with Portimonnes. As always, the next game is very important. Now it’s FC Porto. Resting today and tomorrow we are already thinking about traveling to Draco.”

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