Judge orders Tim Cook and Craig Federky to testify in Epic Fortnight case

Judge orders Tim Cook and Craig Federky to testify in Epic Fortnight case

Recent development of The ongoing lawsuit between epic games and Apple Removing the iPhone maker’s App Store policies and its iOS version Fortnight A New order Judge Thomas Hickson outlines the rules for testifying in the case of Apple CEO Tim Cook and software engineering chief Craig Federky. The court order was found Thursday I still have And Apple Insider, Gives us a first-hand look at how Apple’s management leadership may be involved in the current hopeless case, which is scheduled to come up for hearing in early July next year.

The order, issued Wednesday following a December 15 hearing, states that Apple cannot limit Cook’s testimony to four hours, as requested by the company. The order states that the length of the testimony can only be determined after Apple has provided the necessary documents requested by Epic attorneys regarding the activities of the App Store. Hickson also shot down Apple’s request to replace Federichi with one of his lieutenants, Eric Nuneschwander.

“The court rules for the plaintiffs and orders the Apple order to replace Federichi with Newtenswander as a document guard. And Federjee’s documents do not match Nuneschwander’s documents, which hurts the plaintiffs. If the claims are deemed appropriate and proportionate, it is the responsibility of the plaintiffs to determine what invention they wish to take to prove their claims, and if they make a bad choice, that is their problem. ”

The case is still in its infancy, with public outcry over Apple and the epic that erupted in August calming down as lawyers on both sides prepare for the next stages of the case. The upcoming deadline for new filing is set for January 6, 2021, two days after the hearing.

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