Jupiter’s anti-redeeming star in the new Hubble view of the planet’s crazy storm

Jupiter's anti-redeeming star in the new Hubble view of the planet's crazy storm

The Hubble Space Telescope captured Jupiter and the moon Europa like this in August 2020.

NASA, ESA, A. Simon (NASA/GSFC), MH Wong (University of California, Berkeley) and OPAL team

Jupiter is completely different from Earth. The gas giant’s swirling, turbulent atmosphere is filled with harsh storms. The planet’s colorful bands of clouds stand out in a new Hubble Space Telescope image taken on August 25th.

The view from 460 million miles (650 million kilometers) away is beautifully sharp thanks to Hubble’s sharp eyes. Telescope with NASA European Space Agency.

Scientists are particularly excited by the fast-moving new storms that erupted in mid-August. It appears as a bright white area towards the top left of the planet. NASA said “The timing of the Hubble observations is perfect to show the structure in the aftermath of the disturbance in the early stages of evolution.”

If you look closely, you can also see Europa, Jupiter’s fascinating moon, in the dark to the left. NASA Mission to Visit the Ice World, this is The best place to check out extraterrestrial life.

Hubble’s portrait of Jupiter highlights the planet’s most famous features. “The iconic Great Red Spot, a storm big enough to devour the Earth, shows it’s shrinking slightly in Hubble images, but it’s still dominating the entire southern atmosphere, passing through the clouds like a cargo ship.” NASA said On Thursday’s release.

Research shows that the Great Red Spot is getting smaller and the cause of the size change is unknown. Scientists still Expected to continue for several years, And I want more Hubble portraits like this. Space telescope I saw a share of the technical flaws., But never surrendered.

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