Kamala Harris has occupied the historic mansion, but only for a short time

Kamala Harris has occupied the historic mansion, but only for a short time

Changes have already begun to take place, but, unusually, the target will not be the No. 1 in the observation circle, having hosted seven vice presidents and their families since 1970, including himself. Joe Biden. Built in 1893, the mansion is undergoing major renovations Kamala Harris You have to wait a while before going to that place. Until then, the newly elected U.S. Vice President and her husband, Doug Emhoff, President Joe Biden and his wife live in the Blair House, now in front of the White House. Jill Biden.

The fa5ade with the brilliant and harmonious lines on 1651 Pennsylvania Avenue, in fact, hides a real treasure because its interior is full of books, paintings and artifacts that claim to have lived beyond its walls over the past centuries. When touring its more than 120 sections over an area of ​​approximately 70,000 m2, you get to know a part of the country’s history because each of them has a special history. For example, the Lincoln Room is designed in memory of the former president of the same name, who spent several evenings talking to the owner of the day.

Currently, it has a larger area than the White House, but Blair House is actually the result of four interconnected houses from the 19th century. Since its original construction, the property has undergone many significant changes both inside and out, but has always maintained its historic character. Designed in 1824 by an architect unknown to the military surgeon Joseph Lowell, The house is indebted to its second owner, a journalist Francis Preston Blair, Which was acquired in 1837. Influential adviser and confidant of the President Andrew Jackson With several presidents following him, Blair turned his home into a venue for meetings and conferences with policymakers.

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This was in 1942, during the presidency Franklin Roosevelt, The house was acquired by the US government and later became the official residence of US presidents, especially foreign heads of state, also known as the Presidential Guest House.

It has entertained many royals, diplomats and politicians around the world, such as former British Prime Minister Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. Margaret Thatcher, President of Russia Vladimir Putin Or the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau. As a sign of hospitality, the American flag flying in the faade is replaced by the country’s flag during the guests’ stay. It is in this House that many of America’s elected presidents have spent the night before their inauguration, as happened with the newly elected Joe Biden. The proximity of the White House also serves as a great place to get some very different personalities after a president’s funeral. He George W. Bush The former was the first to allow women Nancy Reagan e Box Ford Former presidents should be there after their husbands’ state funerals Ronald Reagan e Gerald Ford.

During this temporary stay in the building, Kamala Harris will have the opportunity to endlessly collect the books that make up the library located on the second floor of the building designed in 1920. Charles over Cornelius, Assistant curator of decorative arts at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and won by the story told by the garden exposed there, one-third was purchased by the government from the Blair family, including paintings, carpets, furniture, silverware and countless pieces of Chinese porcelain.

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