Kanye West Removes First Campaign Ad From Desperate Bid-Deadline

Kanye West Removes First Campaign Ad From Desperate Bid-Deadline

An increasingly desperate competitor with more than three weeks left on Election Day and near zero votes Kanye West Today’s first campaign ad contains a prayer to convince voters to write on their ballots-more than once.

The notorious and embarrassing rapper and fashion designer “America” ​​rose to the top. “What is the fate of America? What’s the best for my country? Our people? Justice, what is true justice?”

Advocates of Americans have found overall salvation by faith, and a relatively high production value point fell on social media this morning, relatively quickly hitting more than a million views. Then, because it’s Kanye, it went down on Monday so that the ad was replaced with an almost identical ad. The only difference between Ad 1.0 and Ad 2.0 with more than 270,000 views is that screen text is added at the end called “2020 Vision”.

In an advertisement, West said, “As citizens, we are called to a greater purpose than ourselves. “We are not only lighthouses of the world, but we must be slaves to each other. It encourages each other and helps to exalt each other.”

The birthday party candidate continued, “My fellow Americans, we must act according to our faith with the solid knowledge that we are pursuing the right goals and doing the right things so that we can all thrive together. “We will make a stronger country by building stronger families. Families are the building blocks of a country’s society. By turning to faith, we will be people of the kind that God wants us to be.”

Of course for all the attention Almost self-proclaimed potential spoiler West has since announced his candidacy 4th of JulyGrammy winners were not successful in voting nationwide. With GOP agents Sit down Along with Jared Kushner, West was on the official ballot in less than a dozen states.

Despite this recent famous move, it’s doubtful at this point how many real spoilers the’power’ rapper can topping for Joe Biden’s old friend Donald Trump.

Except for the blue Vermont, most states are overwhelmingly Republicans, such as Kentucky, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Utah, Idaho, Iowa, and Tennessee. Complaining from the states in West, he is voting in a voter-rich California with businessman Rocque “Rocky” de la Fuente as the vice presidential candidate of the American Independence Party.

If the intent of today’s advertising seems to be the cause of loss, the tone fits well with West’s evangelical position over the past few years. However, recent tweets of violence by Nigerian police seem to have missed the opportunity with American voters despite West’s demanding arch of justice.

Also, for all kinships in the past Celebrity apprentice The host and one will assume his base. On self loan His bid for more than 6.8 million dollars so far. Also, few people will see an 82 second ad on TV over the next few weeks as there are few national, regional and local ad spaces close to the polling date. , Isn’t it?

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