Kate Middleton News: Meghan Markle Decides To Quiet About Problems Talking | Royal | news

Kate Middleton News: Meghan Markle Decides To Quiet About Problems Talking |  Royal |  news

Since marrying the royal family nine years ago, Kate has been silent on the matter her sister-in-law forced her to comment publicly. Megan frequently deals with sensitive topics such as racism, discrimination and harassment in passionate and stimulating speeches.

For nearly two years as part of the company, the Duchess of Sussex performed her mission in a markedly different way from Kate.

After Megxit, Prince Harry’s wife took advantage of his new freedom to vote and speak about infidelity on social media.

On the other hand, the Duchess of Cambridge is known for her humble and calm behavior.

Royal fans, who have watched her role closely over the years by the prince’s wife, compared and contrasted the behavioral styles of the two women.

One tweeted, “Class and elegance perfectly express Kate!”

The second wrote: “At a formal event where you are invited to speak, keeping your mouth shut adds to her elegance and mystery.”

But the third said, “William and Kate are now the faces of the monarchy and that’s what they’re doing. It’s really great.”

Another fan said Kate puts her “family, royal family, and her duties first. It’s not about her.”

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Meghan weighed in the US presidential election in a video next to Harry.

Urging fellow Americans to go out and vote, she said she needed a change, but failed to support Democratic candidate Joe Biden.
Despite being praised by some fans for her involvement, the Duchess was set on fire for talking about politics.

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The royal family is strictly neutral about politics and does not vote in Britain.

Meghan is no longer a member of the royal family and does not have to answer the queen for what the queen says, but her words have been scrutinized nonetheless.

Donald Trump was one of those who responded to Meghan’s decision to enter American politics.

He said he was “not her fan,” but royal aides were concerned that it could be a “violation” of the Megxit deal.

One royal aide told The Sunday Times: “Everyone in the family is twisting their hands, thinking,’Where is this going?’

“The feeling is that it is a violation.”

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