Katuso sends a message to the children and talks about the disease: he read that he is dead

Katuso sends a message to the children and talks about the disease: he read that he is dead


Napoli coach suffers from myasthenia and leads the team with his eyes closed. The former midfielder did not surrender, leaving a message of hope and strength.

A few minutes following the meeting between Naples and Torino were marked by Gennaro Katuzo’s message, addressing everyone who did not feel well about their appearance. The coach of the Neapolitan team suffers from myasthenia gravis, a disease that affects the muscles that connect the eye.

“I want to say something to children who do not think they are beautiful in the mirror. Life is beautiful, we must face it without hiding it. I know what my soldiers experienced when they saw me like this. I’m dead, I had a month of life … Don’t worry, I’m not dead. I’m alive, “said the former midfielder.

“I have myasthenia, I’ve been suffering for ten years, it hit me for the third time. This time it was strong, but everything passes, the eye is fine. I see it doubles, it’s hard to stand, I can do it like crazy,” he said. Explained.

Kattusho has already appeared on the bench with his eyes closed, but he has not given up and is ready for a fight. “I do not want to live in moments like this, but I accept it because there are bad things in life. I do what I want, this is my life, if I want to decide how I want to get out, I want to be where I have spent my whole life: in the countryside,” he finished.

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