Kendall Jenner Hosts Halloween Birthday Party With COVID-19

Kendall Jenner Hosts Halloween Birthday Party With COVID-19

Boo you.
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We all scold and shout Posted by Kim Kardashian. Regarding her lavish private island birthday vacation, at least she has the dignity of pretending to be deeply “humble” about it. At the very least, she mandated prior private island quarantine. On Saturday, October 31 Guys Festival cheats Kendall Jenner On Harriet’s rooftop in West Hollywood, it held a 25th birthday party known to have attended 100 people. Photo show “NO SOCIAL MEDIA, take any picture you want, but don’t post it on social media of any kind.” Perhaps Jenner is hosting a crowded event full of people who don’t live together and travel often and can spread to other places… It’s probably because you know to some extent that it’s not cute. TMZ report Including attendees Justin Hailey Beaver, Kanye and Kim, Kylie Jenner and Travis scott, Weekend, Ceramic cat, And Paris HiltonHonestly, we expected something better. Jayden Smith Wearing clothes that can be interpreted as Hero caution, But definitely Someone on a respirator, Terrible. Kim and Kylie Insta story, In many photos, it clearly rebelled against the flyers of how close celebrities hang out indoors with the masked weight staff.

Worst part? It wasn’t even Kendall’s birthday. Her birthday is November 3rd. Election day. So it’s not the second bad thing about November 3rd, she keeps going Halloween.

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