Kennedy Dynasty First Senate Showdown Against AOC Aid Maki

Kennedy Dynasty First Senate Showdown Against AOC Aid Maki

2nd straight win at the Democrats on Tuesday Senate Reserve on Massachusetts.

Senator Ed Markey has never lost an election for nearly half a century in electoral politics, and the Kennedy Dynasty remains undefeated in Massachusetts. One march will be over.

Maki Build, Hot Contest Senate Primary

And in the western third of the state, Rep. Richard Neal, chairman of the Strong House Method and Sudan Committee, said Rep. Eliot Engel and Lacy Clay want to avoid the fate of two other Democrats who were ousted by earlier this year. Much younger and more progressive Main challenger.

In the battle of the Senate, which is getting more and more fierce this summer and drawing national attention, Maki ended the campaign on the first eve of the drive-in rally in Worcester and Boston. “This race is about the future. It’s about where we go from here,” Markey told supporters.

The former lawmaker holds the second six-year term in the Senate. 74-year-old Markey was first elected to Congress in 1976, four years before the birth of Challenger 39-year-old Congressman Joe Kennedy III.

Democratic rising star Kennedy is the late Senator, grandson of US Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, and nephew of late President John F. Kennedy. The Kennedy family is still betting on many Massachusetts Democrats. The House of Representatives was my favorite when he launched a major challenge almost a year ago.

Maki soared this summer, outpacing Kennedy by two digits in four out of five recent polls. However, Kennedy and his campaign opposed the recent poll, saying that the contest is much closer than the poll results.

Scrambled to close the gap with KENNEDY and MARKEY

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Although he was Kennedy’s 35-year senior, most of the recent surveys indicate that Maki took the top spot in his challenger among voters under the age of 35.

Kennedy’s has repeatedly urged voters to choose a “new” generation of progressive leadership, but some of Markey’s support among young voters Assemblyman Alexandria Ocasio-CortezAppeared in a senator’s TV commercial.

New York-born Firebrand Congressman, best known among the colored first semester female House members known as “The Squad,” supported Markey last year. The two legislators teamed up a few months ago to create and advocate the following breakthrough climate change proposal: Green New Deal.

And in recent weeks, Maki has also gained support from two major progressive contenders who have knocked down Engel and Clay: New York’s Jamal Bonuman and Missouri’s Corey Bush Democratic candidates.

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Maki is also supported by other state senators. Elizabeth Warren, Another rock star in the progressive movement.

Boston’s veteran Democratic political strategist Mary Anne Marsh remained neutral in the first round, but noted that Markey wasn’t that good, despite being a senator and being on the scene for decades despite the company working for the Kennedy campaign. Known in Massachusetts.

Marsh said to Markey’s campaign, “I still had a chance to define him. And what they did was make him the love of climate change fighters, and it was Alexandria O Casio-Cortez…

Markey’s also faced criticism of spending too much time in the national capital at the expense of his homeland.

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“I’m running for a community that doesn’t see a lower senator except for the election year. I’m running for cities and towns that aren’t extravagant to accept the status quo,” Kennedy tweeted this weekend.

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But Marsh said Markey’s campaign “always worked in Washington, relied on the fact that he enacted legislation and put his name on the bill. They turned two big negatives into a positive one.”

Known for whitening Markey’s record, Kennedy and his supporters were disappointed. 4 term lawmakers-recently approved House Speaker Nancy Pelosi – Highlighted Markey’s vote in support of the 1994 crime bill and voted on a resolution approving the war in Iraq and approving military power in Syria.

As the campaign rushed toward the finish line, criticism from both sides arose. Kennedy’s team urged Marky’s campaign to halt online attacks against candidates and his supporters that included a murder threat.

Marsh said the incident was really shocking to many in Massachusetts.

Pushing back, Kennedy recently accused Markey of questioning the integrity of the family: “They neutralized their history and stole their words. Senator’s time will be better spent reconciling his history with the civil rights movement over the past 50 years. He keeps getting wrong. So he attacks my family.”

The Democratic primary election winner is considered the overwhelming best candidate in the November general election. During the last half century, only two Republicans have been elected to the Senate in Massachusetts.

Sunday is Tuesday, but early voting by mail has been going on for weeks. In a recent Suffolk University survey, nearly half of the respondents surveyed said they voted by mail.

In western Massachusetts, 31-year-old Holy York mayor Alex Morse enjoys the backing of Ocasio-Cortez and Justice Democrats, a progressive group that supported Bowman and Bush earlier this year while challenging Neil. The House of Representatives, who served 32 years in the House of Representatives, is 40 years older than Moss.

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“32 years later Richard Neal knows how Washington works. But I want to change the way Washington works,” Morse gets the spotlight on a pinned tweet.

Neal told a press conference last week that he was “the absolute leader of the parliament, the progressive leader of the parliament… People will tell you, but I know what he did.” I enjoy Pelosi’s support. Losing the Way and Sudan Committee Chair would be a huge loss to the district.”

But Morse and his supporters accuse Neal of blocking progressive legislation such as “Medicare for All.”

Neil boasts of his humble parenting and recently said, “I paid my last student loan on a dime to remind me of the struggle. I am a living example of the American safety net and I hope that opportunity will extend to all members of the American family.”

Morse’s victory will send a shockwave to Washington similar to Ocasio-Cortez’s 2018 major painter of Congressman Joe Crowley.

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“The Markey-Kennedy Senate race is raising turnout,” Marsh said. It has been in the past few weeks and will definitely be on a weekday And that means a lot of progress is coming. It definitely hurts Neal and helps Morse.” But, she added, “if Neal makes a big difference in the cities of Springfield, Holyoke, and Pittsfield, the math doesn’t work for Morse.”

The winners of the Tuesday primary election are guaranteed a direct ticket to the Capitol, as Republican candidates do not run in areas with Democratic tendencies.

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