Killer Mike and Stacy Abrams are key to turning Georgia into a Democrat

Killer Mike and Stacy Abrams are key to turning Georgia into a Democrat

Southern women and hip hop artists rallied many of the African American voters. The most important person is unanimous: Stacy Abrams.

“Across the state, we roared! Now there are only a few kilometers to the finish line … Great!” Stacy Abrams, leader of the Democratic Minorities in Georgia’s House of Representatives between 2011 and 2017, is now one of the state’s happiest people who can give Democrats a national majority in the Senate. This was followed by the historic election on November 3, which began with the presidential victory of Joe Biden against Trump. On Twitter, Stacy Abrams praised the thousands of “organizers, volunteers and all tireless groups” who have helped rebuild the Democratic Party since 2011.

It has been widely acknowledged that two Democratic candidates in Georgia, John Osof and Reverend Rafael Warnock, began to pay credits to one person as the projected goal of expelling two Georgian Republicans from their Senate seats approached one person: Stacy Abrams, who is most responsible for the new Democratic Georgia law.

The 47-year-old African-American lawyer built a democratic political infrastructure in the state over a decade, first with his New Georgia program and now with Fairfight, the voting rights organization he founded after losing the 2018 governor campaign.

“We are black women from the south”

Although Stacy Abrams is expected to run for governor again in 2022, she is already one of America’s most influential policies. Its political infrastructure and strategy will increase the participation of black, Latin and Asian voters in the state.

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Abrams is not alone in Georgia; Other black individuals led an institutional effort to convert the state’s electorate. “We are not surprised that Georgia has returned to the blue party. We have been doing this for over 15 years,” said Deborah Scott, founder of the Georgia Stand-up Group.

Another woman stood alone: ​​”It’s an uphill battle,” said Felicia Davis, a Democrat in Clayton County. “Here we are not only women, we are women from the south. And we are not only women from the south, we are black women from the south.”

Motivation of hip hop

Many hip-hop artists have turned their attention to the Georgia Senate race, in which Democrats include two acting Republican senators, David Bertue and Kelly Lofler, loyal supporters of defeated President Donald Trump.

It is now realized that color communities in Atlanta, the capital of Georgia, and the middle-class suburbs are essential to Biden’s victory against Trump in the “Peach State,” where black voting is particularly powerful, where hip-hop artists have contributed to increasing turnout.

According to Lacita Bonnett-Bailey, a professor of political science at Georgia State University, the influence of that music culture has grown significantly over the past decade, especially in Atlanta, into the politics that are now “the hub of the hip-hop movement.”

“This idea of ​​Atlanta as a black mecca is supported by many scholars because not only rich blacks but also educated and highly educated blacks are in high numbers. But it is actually a mecca of hip-hop,” Bonnet said. “Hip-hop started in the Bronx, in the Northeast. But now we’ll find more hip-hop artists from Atlanta.”

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One of them, and most importantly, the duo rapper Killer Mike, Run the Jewels, has been involved in communications campaigns and rallies for months to appeal to the democratic vote.

“Black voters in Georgia did a job,” Killer Mike wrote on Twitter this Wednesday morning. His social media account, full of memes about the defeat of the Republicans, is overflowing with such approvals: “Massive thanks for Killer Mike’s tremendous heroic efforts!”; It was one thing: “Thanks for the hard work that so many people voted for, Killer Mike. Thank you for helping save our country”.

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