Kirby shares his thoughts on Smart Gus Malhan, S.E.C.

Kirby shares his thoughts on Smart Gus Malhan, S.E.C.

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How the Auburn opening affects Georgia football

In a year when many thought we would not see much training revenue due to the economic problems posed by the epidemic, three of Georgia’s annual rivals advanced and made training changes.

South Carolina went first, fired Will Massamp and appointed Shane Beamer to replace him. Vanderbilt went next as he parted ways with Derek Mason. On Monday, Commodore Notre Dame appointed defensive coordinator Clark Lea as its next coach.

Beamer spent time with South Carolina coaching staff while Leah worked under Steve Spurier, a Vanderbilt alumnus. Both of those workplaces had a home-like feel to them.

Then there’s Auburn work, which opened on Sunday, when the school announced it was splitting with Gus Malhan. During his eight years at school, Malhan went 68-35, won the SEC Championship and appeared in a national championship game.

As he was 0-12 on the road against Georgia, Alabama and LSU, Malhan battled against Auburn’s biggest opponents. He was 2-7, and 1-5 against the Bulldogs, and Kirby became the head coach of the Smart Bulldogs.

“I have a lot of respect for Gus. He was a good friend of mine for a while, ”Smart said. “I know he and Christy will get on their feet and whatever he does he will win.”

Malhan gets good compensation for leaving, as the Tigers in the North give him his full purchase for $ 21 million. Half of it must be paid within the next 30 days.

To date, the Auburn job is the largest open. Malhan Auburn showed that you are a place where you can win and recruit, the Tigers signed in many first-10 classes during Malhan’s tenure.

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A few names have emerged as potential candidates, with Louisiana-Lafayette’s Billy Napier, Oregon’s Mario Cristobal and Hugh Fries being the most sought-after candidates.

Lead internal name, and received one Lots of drag on Monday, Defensive Coordinator is Kevin Steele. He was named interim coach following the Malhan shooting and has spent the past five years in Auburn. At the time, security was better than crime

Whoever hired Auburn, Malhan won 66 percent of his game so he would go into a very pressure cooker, which was said to be no longer enough. Malhan’s firing leaves Smart as the third longest-serving coach at the conference, behind Nick Saban and Mark Stoops.

“Our industry, especially SEC and now the overall training industry, has gotten tougher and tougher and more competitive as sweepstakes have increased to win and earn revenue through TV contracts and things,” Smart said. “It has high expectations.”

An example of expanding revenue is SEC’s recent TV deal with Disney / ESPN. The deal, which starts in the 2024 season, The $ 300 million conference is expected to have an annual payout. The conference currently receives approximately $ 55 million from its current contract with CBS and ESPN.

Auburn and South Carolina were also ready to advance from Malhan and Mashchamp, respectively. Mashchamp will receive $ 21 million for not coaching Auburn, while Mashchamp will receive $ 15 million.

“Across the board, when you look at SEC, it’s a conference that everyone wants to be in as long as they are,” Smart said. “It’s not just on the field, they feel the difficulty they create in going out into the recruitment world, trying to succeed on the recruitment field and trying to win on the grass.”

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Auburn wants to go as fast as he can to find his next coach, as Vanderbilt and South Carolina did. The initial signing period will be this week and there will be opportunities to find out who the coach is and what the vision of the project is. Georgia has already beaten Auburn for opportunities such as 5-star striker Smile Monton, 4-star cornerbacks Kamari Laciter and Nylon Green and 4-star attack line-up Dylan Farsild.

The Tigers currently have a 43rd recruitment class and currently have 12 duties. Uncertainty could mean even more characterization for Auburn’s 2021 signing class.

We have already seen some dominoes due to this decision as 5 star line player Terence Lewis released his final list on Monday. Auburn was widely expected to be on the list, but was renamed Maryland and Tennessee following Louis Malson’s coaching change.

Players are unable to visit these schools, and this makes things even more difficult for a new coaching staff because Auburn will be.

“It’s very difficult for a recruiter,” said Louis Cini, a Georgia security guard. “Traveling, traveling around coaches and players had a huge impact on me in deciding which school I wanted to go to.”

Georgia has some knowledge of what impact a training change for offline striker Ben Cleveland will have on a recruiter, when Georgia replaced Mark Rich for Smart Company, now a senior offensive lineman as he embarks on a recruitment mission in the fall of 2015.

He stressed the importance of finding the right school, not the right coach.

“I didn’t come here for a particular person, rhyme or reason. I came here because I loved this place, ”Cleveland said. “If you put your trust in this school and know that they are going to hire the right people, I hope they did.”

Auburn’s next coach’s victory over both Georgia and Alabama will go a long way in determining whether Malhan’s shooting is the right decision. If this is the right man for the job, Auburn can win recruitment battles against Georgia, even if Malhan is occasionally Derrick Brown or Owen Pappo.

If they can win those recruitment wars, it will make it a somewhat manageable task to bring Georgia down on the field.

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